01 April 2010


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Nazz was a psychedelic and garage rock band from the 1960s. Though sometimes mistakenly called "The Nazz", the group's official name on all records and press materials is simply "Nazz", without the definite article.

The band was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1967 by Todd Rundgren (lead guitar) and Carson Van Osten (bass guitar). Thom Mooney (drums, formerly of the Munchkins), and Robert "Stewkey" Antoni (vocals, keyboard.

Nazz took their name from the song "The Nazz are Blue" by The Yardbirds from their album Roger the Engineer. That song, in turn, took its title from Lord Buckley's comic monologue, "The Nazz," which is a re-telling of the tale of Jesus of Nazareth.

It is also often erroneously said that the band took its name from a line in the David Bowie song "Ziggy Stardust" which goes: "He was the Nazz, with god-given ass" but that song appeared in 1972, long after the first Nazz album, which appeared in 1968.

Open Our Eyes: The Anthology
Nazz Nazz/Nazz III: The Fungo Bat Sessions
13th & Pine
Nazz Nazz
Nazz Lives!
Nazz III
Anthology (Todd Rundgren 1968-1985)

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  1. Anonymous4/01/2010

    Nazz was packgaged and originally auditioned as an act to be featured on a syndicated TV show..The producer didn't like their music and they didn't get the gig....The show hired three actors and one musician / actor instead and featured them on the TV show called The Monkees( The original studio musicians for the Monkees were a band from Union County ,Nj called the Myddle Class.(fyi Their drummer,Charlie larkey, married Carole King and their guitatrist,Danny Kortchmar, became a record producer for folks like Don Henley etc.)