28 July 2010


 Krieg  Blitz  Megalomaniac

An email from Rene in New Zealand came in last week to "correct" a reference I made on the site. Unfortunately, he was correcting an old version of this blog that I no longer have access to for editing. (Read about all that here.) His correction is about a band that I know very little about called KMFDM.

KMFDM is an industrial metal band led by founding member Sascha Konietzko, who started the group as a performance art project. There have been a number of line-up changes over the years, including a temporary disbandment from 1999–2002, with Konietzko being the only constant.

KMFDM - Godlike T-Shirt - X-Large

The initials stand for "Kein Mitleid für die Mehrheit" which loosely translates as "no sympathy for the majority." Supposedly, when Englishman Raymond Watts joined the band he couldn't pronounce the name, so he just started calling it by the initials.

After working the Hamburg underground music scene and releasing albums on European labels, the band began its long-standing relationship with Wax Trax! Records when their 1988 album Don't Blow Your Top was licensed to the label for US distribution. Watts left the band at this time to start his own project, Pig.

Since their founding in 1984, they have released sixteen studio albums.

WWIII (World War III)
Hau Ruck
Skold Vs. KMFDM
Xtort (+ 1 Bonus Track)

Tohuvabohu   Symbols  Nihil (+ Bonus Track)

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