05 January 2016



Leotard - a close-fitting one-piece garment, made of a stretchy fabric, that covers a person's body from the shoulders to the top of the thighs - typically worn by dancers or people exercising indoors.

This is a word and a garment I not only associate with dancers, but also with an earlier time. I don't hear the word much these days and perhaps that is a fashion thing or perhaps dance is not as much in vogue with young people.

Erika Fasana, 2010.jpg

"Erika Fasana, 2010" by Alby.1412. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.

The word sounds French, but in checking the origin I find that it is another example of an eponym. The garment is named after a French trapeze artist (not a dancer) named Jules Léotard (1839–70). the word and fashion was first in vogue in the early 2oth century.

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