14 March 2011

Buck Cherry

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The band Buckcherry probably has its name origin in some word play on that little speaking disorder wherein the speaker will interchange the first letter(s) in two successive words.

"I have just received a blushing crow" instead of the correct "crushing blow" might be an example.

Accidental or not, these are known as spoonerisms.

The band Metallica uses this little device in their album entitled "Cunning Stunts" to avoid censorship.

Buck Cherry would then equal Chuck Berry, the famous classic rocker - though, if you know some of Buckcherry's explicit lyrics, their name might also suggest other interpretations.

It has also been said that the group was inspired by a drag queen acquaintance of theirs who used the spoonerism name Buck Cherry. Buck Cherry was also the name used by John Armstrong, guitarist for 80s new-wave group The Modernettes.

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