22 June 2010

The B-52s

 B-52's   Funplex

The B-52s (originally formatted as The B-52's) are an American New Wave band, formed in Athens, Georgia in 1976. From 1976, the group consisted of Fred Schneider (percussion, vocals), Cindy Wilson (vocals), Kate Pierson (keyboards, vocals), Ricky Wilson (guitar), and Keith Strickland (drums).

They are best known for their hits "Rock Lobster" and "Love Shack."

The B-52s started in the New Wave and 1960s rock and roll genre, the group later worked in many genres ranging from post-punk to pop rock, often incorporating camp, postmodern and other elements in innovative ways.

They use a "guy vs. gals" vocal style in call and response style (as in their songs "Private Idaho" and "Good Stuff"), are a trademark of the band.

Wild Planet

The B-52's took their name from the hairstyle which was worn by members Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson. The "Beehive" is a woman's hairstyle that resembles a beehive; it is also known as the B-52, for its similarity to the bulbous nose of the B-52 Stratofortress bomber.

“The Beehive” originated in 1958 as one of a variety of elaborately teased and lacquered versions of "big hair" that developed from earlier pageboy and bouffant styles. The beehive style was highly popular throughout the 1960s, particularly in the United States and other Western countries, and remains an enduring symbol of 1960s kitsch.

The band's music company also plays with the style with their name "Boo-Fant" Records (a parody of bouffant).

Amy Winehouse is another modern day purveyor of the beehive hairstyle.

Love Is a Losing Game


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