25 July 2010

Before Why Name It That

I still get a few emails each week complaining about misinformation on the original version of this site. That site was called What's In A Name and it was done as an Internet student project by my son Drew and some friends back in 1998 (Drew was 11 years old).

That site was a finalist in the first ThinkQuest Junior Internet competition for students and it got a fair amount of web traffic. It's still online at http://library.thinkquest.org/4626/  in an archived format - which means we can't edit it. That is annoying, because it has errors, typos and omissions, but they will be there until the ThinkQuest folks (now controlled by Oracle) ecide to take it down. (I was pretty sure that they were allowed to use the content for only 10 years, but...)

Drew and I maintained the site for several months until it was "locked" and then I mirrored the site at another location and redesigned it a bit. This year I decided to move some of the content over to this "blog" format to encourage more frequent updating and the opportunity for reader comment interaction.

So, if you came upon the old site and wanted to complain about something, sorry... no ne is listening at the old site. Contact me here...

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