01 May 2010

Sexy Names

Tastes change - especially our taste in names. But a survey conducted in England and the United States in the 1990s asked adult men and women to select from a list of names the ones they thought sounded the "sexiest."

On the original version of this site, we surveyed visitors about what names they would add to that list. 

Here are the top vote-getters - in no particular order - from the survey and from our own poll.

Sexiest Female Names 

Sexiest Male Names
Christine Paul
Cheryl Mark
Melanie Adam
Dawn David
Heather Steven
Jennifer Clint
Marilyn Michael
Michelle James
Susan Robert
Samantha Richard
Catherine Christopher
Amanda Justin
Kerry Drew
Claire Brandon
Natalie Sean
Gabrielle Brad
Cerise Reese
Pamela Skyler

Poll Top Vote-Getters
Sexy Male Names

Josh, Darryl,Roman, Richard, Dustin, Ryan, Daniel, Tyler, Kevin, Darien, Julio, Eric, Donovan, Kane, Riley, Dylan, Quinn, Foster, Remington, Logan,
Devon, Andre, Clay, Jeremy, Leo, Adam, Alex, Steve, Jamie, Barret, Randy,
Jamal, Gavin, Neal, Ethan, Xavier, Dawson, John, Pierce, Logan

Poll Top Vote-Getters  Sexy Female Names
Julie, Juliet, Sabrina, Victoria/Vicki, Claudia, Caitlin/Kaitlyn, Stephanie/Steffie, Marci/Marcia, Raquel, Daria, Dayna, Lianna, Leigh/Lee, Amy, Aimee, Celeste, Rosemary, Dori, Brandy, Lauren, Laura, Lori, Gabrielle, Tabitha, Angelia/Angela, Robyn, Amanda/Mandy, Ava, Nadia, Jade, Susan/Suze/Suzi, Maricela, Sara, Kathy/Cathy/Catherine/Katie, Tea, Chantal, Amber, Vanessa, Aisha, Scarlett, Tammy, Desiree, Jayne/Jane, Carla/Carly, Rachel/Raychel/Rachelle, Destiny, Diane/Diana/Dia, Buffy, Sloan, Helena, Samantha/Sami/Samira, Callie, Jamie.

What about the UNsexiest names...

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