11 June 2010

The Twilight Effect?

Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)

“Anything can influence baby names, from pop culture to literature to music and celebrities,” says Jennifer Moss, author of The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book and founder of Babynames.com.

The top baby names for 2009 show Mom and Dad were looking to popular vampire books and the first family for baby names.

Fame can be fleeting - Miley and Jonas took a stock market dive at the end of 2009.

Isabella is the top baby name for girls, Jacob for boys, the Social Security Administration announced. Isabella’s climb to the top in 2009 ends Emma’s one-year reign. Jacob is on an 11-year run at the top.

The surname of “Twilight” vampire Edward Cullen became the fastest-rising baby boy name in 2009.

Barack didn’t crack the top 1,000 for boys, but a version of the president’s daughter’s name, Malia, was the fastest riser for girls. Maliyah moved up 342 spots, to No. 296, while Malia, which is how Obama’s daughter spells it, came in at No. 192, rising 153 spots.

BabyCenter Site Population

U.S. Population

1 Ethan Isabella      Jacob Isabella
2 Noah Emma      Ethan Emma
3 Jacob Olivia      Michael Olivia
4 Aiden Ava      Alexander Sophia
5 Logan Sophia      William Ava
6 Jackson Madison      Joshua Emily
7 Jack Chloe      Daniel Madison
8 Ryan Abigail      Jayden Abigail
9 Jayden Emily      Noah Chloe
10 Matthew Addison      Anthony Mia

For 2010 as of May 2010


1 Ethan Isabella     

2 Jacob Olivia     

3 Noah Emma     

4 Logan Sophia     

5 Aiden Ava     

6 Liam Abigail     

7 Jackson Madison     

8 Jayden Chloe     

9 Ryan Ella     

10 Jack Emily

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