14 July 2010

Hockey Team Names

Some team names are fairly obvious.Some are not.

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The Colorado Avalanche makes sense because an avalanche is a powerful act of nature fitting to a mountain region like Colorado. Their logo features a dominating letter "A" that stands like a mountain, representing Colorado's Rocky Mountains. An avalanche on a puck whips around the solid "A."

 Dallas Stars Player Night Light

The Dallas Stars are from the "Lone Star" state. Coincidentally, when the team was in Minnesota, hockey fans had chosen the Minnesota state motto "Etoile du Nord" (Star of the North) for the team name.

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Less obviously, the Detroit Red Wings was named by then team president James Norris. He selected the name to honor a team he had played with called the Montreal Winged Wheelers. The logo was also a nice match for the Detroit "Motor City" team.

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