05 December 2014

Little Feat

Little Feat is one of the most influential American bands of the seventies. Founded by Lowell George and Bill Payne in L.A. in 1969 they produced a series of highly original albums starting with Dixie Chicken and over the next decade produced an eclectic blend of rock 'n' roll, blues, country, folk, soul and jazz.

The death of Lowell George in 1979 brought the first phase of the band's existence to an end.

Lowell George met Bill Payne when Lowell was a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Payne had auditioned for the Mothers, but had not joined. They formed the band along with former Mothers' bassist Roy Estrada and drummer Richie Hayward from George's previous band, the Factory. Hayward had also been a member of the Fraternity of Man whose claim to fame was the inclusion of their "Don't Bogart Me" on the million-selling Easy Rider film soundtrack.

The name of the band came from a comment made by Mothers' drummer Jimmy Carl Black about Lowell's "little feet" with the spelling tweak in the style of The Beatles.

In 2010, at a show in Atlantic City, NJ, the band Phish covered Little Feat's album, Waiting for Columbus, for their annual Halloween show. As a result of this concert and the distribution of its recording, Waiting For Columbus gained recognition from a wider audience among younger listeners.

In 2012, Little Feat announced the release of their first album of new material in nine years, Rooster Rag.

Rad Gumbo: The Complete Warner Bros. Years 1971-1990

This video captures the band's performance at the famous Dutch festival Pinkpop
in Live in Holland 1976 and captures the band's classic line-up at the peak of their powers.

Official band site http://www.littlefeat.net/

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