29 October 2018


Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. These items cover a wide range, including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath and beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys.

Etsy was founded in 2005 and this online marketplace now has millions of registered users - and more than $100 million in revenue.

The company name origin was a mystery and continues to be deliberately mysterious.

In a 2010 interview for Reader's Digest, co-founder Rob Kalin said “I wanted a nonsense word because I wanted to build the brand from scratch. I was watching Fellini's and writing down what I was hearing. In Italian, you say 'etsi' a lot. It means 'oh, yes.' And in Latin, it means 'and if.'"

But, the following year the other co-founder, Chris Maguire, said that "We then made a founder's pact to give a different origin story for the site's name every time someone asked about it."

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