29 December 2017

Flick Lives

“Flick Lives” is a reference to a character in many stories by radio humorist and writer Jean Shepherd. Flick was one of Shepherd's childhood friends  tales from his Indiana days. You might know him as the kid who gets his tongue frozen to a pole in the film A Christmas Story.

Fans and listeners to Shepherd's WOR-AM late night radio show in New York would often write “FLICK LIVES” as graffiti. Like the way that soldiers during WWII once wrote “Kilroy was here,”  it was not only a way of marking your turf, but also show that your were one od Shep's "night people."

Yes, people used to sometimes join the L and I in Flick to create a totally different message to the world.

Poor Flick gets his tongue frozen to an icy metal pole in A Christmas Story

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